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Safer, Faster and Further

There are a variety of reasons that you might want someone on-board.


- Maybe you have nervous family members coming out for the first time and just need another experienced hand or you are looking to entertain and need someone to take control of the boat leaving you free to entertain your guests. Having an experienced skipper or crew on board really does take the pressure off.

- It may that you are new to boats or just new to the boat and want someone on board to work through the practicalities of enjoying your time afloat.

- Collection and delivery. Maybe you want to travel a bit further afield but are pressed for time. Why not have your boat delivered along the coast for you, giving you  a chance to arrive and explore new sailing destinations. Or have you occasionally wanted to press on a little further but are concerned about the return trip. Why not leave the boat at your final destination and then have it returned to your home berth.

With a good number of years in the industry I have had the pleasure to work with some of the best instructors, skippers and crew on the south coast and I would be happy to put you in touch with the best person for your needs.

Sometimes you just need to make a call or send a message and talk through what it is that you are trying to achieve. I would be happy to talk things over with you and come up with a plan that suits you.

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