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Race preparation

A short internet search will very quickly bring you a mountain of information relating to the subject of yacht racing but as with most things there are some very simple jobs that can be done to improve your results.

Lighten the load:

The single simplest thing you can do to help yourself is to remove all those things that aren't strictly necessary. Everyone likes to be prepared but give some thought as to whether you really need the kitchen sink and enough spares to overhaul the engine.

Smooth, clean hull:

Especially in light airs a fouled hull or lumpy, flaking antifoul can have a dramatic effect. Before spending out on racing sails, folding propellers and better navigation equipment satisfy yourself that you hull, keel and rudder are as smooth and stream lined as possible.

To finish first, first you have to finish:

Gear failure is always going to be a possibility but under the strains of racing it becomes more likely. Thoroughly cleaning, inspecting and servicing deck hardware, standing and running rigging, engine and sails will go along way to getting you on and off the race course in good order.

Clean and organised:

There is a reason that really successful boats look immaculate. If everything is cleaned and packed away in it's place than someone will have looked at and touched everything on the boat meaning problems can spotted early and when it all goes wrong the right equipment can be found with the minimum fuss.

Sometimes you just need to make a call or send a message and talk through what it is that you are trying to achieve. I would be happy to talk things over with you and come up with a plan that suits you.

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