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Start as you mean to go on.

As with so many things it's all in the preparation and with the natural self reliance involved in boating this becomes even more prescient. A well maintained vessel in the first instance will be a safer vessel but will also be a much more usable and enjoyable vessel.



- Management and Guardianage

- Winterising.

- Polishing and anti fouling.

- New boat preparation.

- Interior and exterior valeting.

- Teak deck care and renovation.

- Fault finding.

- Race preparation.

Seacocks and skin fittings.

- Winch and windlass servicing.

- Deck hardware installation.

- Collecting and fitting sails.

- Organise supply and servicing of safety equipment.

Sometimes you just need to make a call or send a message and talk through what it is that you are trying to achieve. I would be happy to talk things over with you and come up with a plan that suits you.

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